noun ate·lier \ˌa-təl-ˈyā\

Etymology - French

  1. a workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer

Atelier & Stone comprises the work of contemporary jewelry designer Louise Payjack-Guillou. 'Atelier', a nod to her dual French-English heritage, is where all her pieces are designed and finely crafted using precious materials. 

Originally from London where she trained as a goldsmith at Middlesex University; Louise has since relocated to Duluth Minnesota to continue her jewelry practice and found Atelier & Stone.

The current collection picks up on intricate and ornate details from found and collected objects. Often choosing antiques which have been beautifully worked with fine engraving, embossing etc and distilling elements of these into modern clean forms to be worn as everyday luxury. 


The vision of Atelier & Stone is simple:

'To create finely crafted jewelry that will become part of your everyday identity'